Professional Mold Testing Services in Palmetto Bay, FL

When you suspect mold growth, if you have had recent water-related problems, or if you have noticed musty odors - it is time for mold testing. Carpet Cleaning Palmetto Bay is a professional mold testing service performed by experts. The tests we take will be sent to an independent laboratory to make sure you get the most accurate results. Now you know whom to call for mold inspection. We're sure to get the job done.

How Our Professionals Test for Mold

There are a variety of ways to perform mold testing. Our mold detection service ensures accuracy through the samples we take, visual mold inspection, an inspection of possible mold sources, and black mold detection.

  1. Collection of Samples from Air and Surface. We perform mold air and surface sampling from affected areas. These are then taken to the laboratory for testing and reviewing of results.
  2. Visual Mold Inspection. To check for visible signs of mold, we perform a visual mold inspection in given areas. If required, this could be done throughout your entire house including basement, HVAC, ducts, and interior and exterior walls.
  3. Inspection of Possible Mold Locations. Aside from visual inspection, searching for mold sources we use advanced technologies such as humidity meters and infrared imaging. We check up on places with possible water leaks, areas with moisture present, damp areas, and the like.
  4. Black Mold Detection. We do this through air sampling. The collected samples are taken to the laboratory to determine if black mold is present.

Accurate Results You Can Rely On

Our experts know how to test and where to test to make sure you receive accurate results that you can rely on for your property. In addition, we have expanded our capabilities by teaming up with O2 Mold Testing to provide our customers with the very best mold testing service around.

Can You Test for Black Mold Yourself?

Home mold testing kits are available for you to be able to do it yourself. However, this is not advisable because the results of these kits are statistically inaccurate due to a large number of "false positives". Many external factors such as improper handling, uncontrolled temperature, and possible contamination could affect the results and it will make the test false. You don't want to worry about mold you don't really have.

It's advisable to contact a professional mold testing service, that is Carpet Cleaning Palmetto Bay, to ensure that you get the right results. With us, you have access to the proper tools and laboratory, so you know for sure if there's mold to be dealt with.

How Much Does a Professional Mold Testing Service Cost?

A variety of factors determine the cost of mold testing. This would include the size of the house or building, the method of inspection to be used, the number of samples to be taken, and so on. The cost could also differ depending on the location. If you're in Palmetto Bay, connect with us for an estimate!

Get a Professional Mold Testing Service in Palmetto Bay, FL

Carpet Cleaning Palmetto Bay has got you covered! Contact our professional mold testing service at 305-479-2460 and we'll be sure to help you find out if your business or home has mold growing. Our mold detection and mold testing service is one of the many you can take advantage of together with our professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. Call whenever you need our services.

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